Wednesday, December 15, 2010

fastabiqul khairaat~


For the days before having semester break, i've got a chance to meet with my tamhidi "tutor" (which i think never had i ever put ex in front of that title). While having great meals, we discussed a lot of things together. And there are something that i was inspired of. One of them is she's having an adopted child from Palestine. Even she just look at the photo of that 5 year-old girl in email, but she remains to give the fund every month in order to make sure that the girl is having a better life. The fund is transferred by one of the trusted organization, Aqsa Syarif. Huh, how noble and honour she is! Then, she keep asking me on how to make her dream comes true-stepping on Palestine land one day. It all begins when the first time she attended a programme on ROQ (Rememberance of alQuds) in campus last August.

Hmm, this is just for one person. There are a lot of other examples of people outside there who are doing their responsibilities towards muslims all around the world especially in Palestine. Thus, insyaAllah they'll get the rewards from Allah for their good deeds. As we believe, "you get what you pay",right? So, what are you waiting for? Please don't think about what you'd done but start thinking of what you can do to rebuild up strong muslims community. Surely remember, do not support muslims's enemies towards entire aspects especially in economies, entertainment and etc. May we not be questioned about these responsibilities while having no answers in front of Allah one day..

Before i leave, i just want to share with you my 2nd poem that i wrote inside my english journal for this sem. Perhaps, this is only on trial! Don't even ask me how long the time that i'd taken to finish up this poem, k.

Palestinian People
by muna

Twilight comes to him
Glimpse of cherry blossom
Let his life in tranquility
Painting the rainbows of hope

His mind suddenly pierced
By the sound of bomb blast
His dream nearly ends
Even in his own land

From his grim sight
Spectating children playing around mines
Wish invisible to those all pain
Singing with worries of tomorrow

From the whitered moor
Women grasp dirt between hands
Suffer for death of their borns
Submerge in nightmares of flames and destructions

He could see in front
Men like strong brave falcons
Having broken wings in dignity
To hold out a flag of peace

His innocent eyes enlighten tomorrows
Palestine will be free soon
Regain lost standing
Withour sheer remission and no repent

"Kata pengatur bicara
Lidah saksi segala
Di hadapan Rabb pemilik kita"


mar mp 86 said...

muna! nice poem! hehe..

hm. how noble she is! im really proud to have she as my tutor too.. yeah. never ever put ex.. they're still our teachers who made up us today! =)

azni_1405 said...

xberpeluang tok blaja ngan dia..

Anonymous said...

i guess..she is miss safiyah..isn't??
sori..i just guess..
how noble she is!
congratulate muna!hope this poem will be a spirit for us!

+akufobia+ said...


Syifa' said...

I want to go there to, can I??

muna majidah said...

thanx..yeah,THEY made up us today.
you still remember this moment,right?

xpe2,jgn risau.i know that you have any other best teachers in your life.

yup,your guess is right!
i hope that too


you wanna go there TOO?maybe now you got other 'awlawiyyat' that have to be fulfilled first, my dear..


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